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Tell me, I’ll forget.

Show me, I’ll remember.

Let me do it, I’ll understand.

“Dígame, yo lo olvidaré.”

“Muéstremelo, lo recordaré.”

“Déjeme hacerlo, yo lo comprenderé.”

A Chinese proverb by Confucius

Renewable, Energy Saving and Solar STEM resources for teachers, home educators, parents and all ages of learners. Ideal for outdoor sustainability activities.


You can search through our resources in different ways. We have split our materials into four key categories to help you find what you are looking for.

  1. Curriculum Matched Activities – these resources are matched with the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics [STEM] curriculum in England. The activities often include an informed context based on aspects of sustainability.
  2. Assembly Guides – the assembly guides take the builder through a stage by stage process of building our car, boat and other Solar_Active® kits.
  3. How to Guides – these additional guides provide the user with extra information and support with further enquiry on aspects of using the car and boat kits. Exploring different areas of the kits such as wheel diameter, gearing, axle construction and more.
  4. Reference Materials – A range of technical, journal and news based research materials to help you explore your enquiry into sustainability further.

Welcome to Solar Active


Working as an independent not-for-profit company and registered charity since 1993, we have developed unique Solar STEM resources, workshops and range of working renewable energy demonstrations for young engineering minds. The resources are for teachers, home educators, parents and learners of all ages; and ideal for outdoor sustainability activities.


Solar Active Kits


Hands-On Workshops for Home Educators and Schools

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Car Resources


Double Cell Boat Assembly Guide

Assembly guide to build a double cell solar boat.

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Solar Car Front Axle Support Guide

Construction guide for one option of the front axle support

Solar Car PC Cell Angle Adjustment

Construction guide for one option to change the angle of the PV cell in relation to receiving wave


How to add a switch to your circuit

Tetra Pak Car Assembly Guide

Assembly guide to build a car with a Tetra Pak body.


Popular Hands-On Workshops


Online Sessions and Workshops in Solar STEM

On-line sessions and workshops in solar STEM.
Home Schooling

Home educators and Home schooling

Help for home educators.

Solar Water Heating Workshop

Build a fully functioning portable rig demonstrating solar water heating...


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The Schools & Homes Energy Education Project was established in 1993 as an initiative of Sheffield Environmental Training, a South Yorkshire environmental charity. As a registered charity since 1999, we are reliant of donations to help promote our resources, which focus on stimulating students interest around real life applications of scientifc concepts.


“Building the solar car covers GCSE Science aims. The students experienced our ‘Let me do it, I’ll understand’ approach, which encourages problem-solving by applying STEM’s innovative and integrated approaches to teaching and learning. These show that science is not one-dimensional but has a wider use in life, ensuring our young people are developing the employable skills, experience and motivation needed for the future.”


Ashley Green, Madeley Academy

Regarding the STEM Solar Car activity

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