“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember.
Let me do it, I’ll understand.”

“Dígame, yo lo olvidaré. Muéstremelo, lo recordaré.
Déjeme hacerlo, yo lo comprenderé.”

Plugging into the Sun logo

Solar-Active is the new brand name for the Schools & Homes Energy Education Project, an independent not-for-profit company (No. 03273416) and registered charity (No. 1073347).

We offer unique educational resources and workshops in sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, as well as a range of kits and components to help you learn about solar energy.

ASE National Conference Liverpool 2018


Activity: Build and race a solar car using Solar Active STEM resources to achieve outcomes in climate change science while learning through ‘trial & improvement’ to raise attainment. Primary and Secondary target groups.
Thursday 4 January 15:00-16:00 and Friday 5 January 10:30-11:30 in the Exhibition Marquee seminar room.
Register: www.ase.org.uk/conferences/annual-conference/

Celebration of the Psychology and Philosophy work of Eugene T. Gendlin – Wednesday 27th September, 5.30- 7.30pm 2017, Sheffield Central Library

Thanks to Joyce Gray and her colleagues at the Sheffield Central Library who assisted to make the Celebration a success. I can think of no better tribute to Gene than for the session of ‘listening’ and ‘focusing’ activities I facilitated to be so well received by the 18 people in attendance. See my notes for more details of the session. At the end I stated Gene’s main principle: to paraphrase a quote from Gene: “to have an exchange with another be of the kind that would make the interaction with the other better. We seek to be in interaction that makes us and each other better.” We all viewed the short video of Gene demonstrating the focusing steps. Thanks to Kathy McGuire Creative Edge Focusing E-newsletter where the video can be found. I created a series of activities that will shortly be available for download. Interest was expressed for me to start a active listening/focusing group. I am looking forward to starting a group here in Sheffield. Contact David if you are interested to join the group. Venue, date and time have yet to be confirmed.

Engage Science Done Right Conference

Mastery assessment or looking to make your schemes more engaging. David Garlovsky provided a session at the Science Done Right conference, from ENGAGE and science upd8, to help teachers upgrade their practice, implement a 5-year big ideas curriculum, mastery assessment or looking to make schemes more engaging. Saturday 11 March 2017, Open University, Milton Keynes. Presentation
Virtual Car Assembly

Solar Cells

Flexible triple junction high performance cells. Solar cells

How Solar Roofs Work – An educational animated blog post detailing how solar roofs transfer energy from the sun and provide power to a house.

Solar car/boat design challenge

Take the design challenge! Our range of solar powered kits help teach design, maths, physics and practical skills in a fun way which will motivate and engage students.
Stenden University solar car case study

Solar STEM curriculum resources

We offer a range of educational resources, such as kits, components and teaching aids to contribute to the latest curriculum demands.

Virtual Car

Try your hand at building and racing our virtual car – it works in the dark!

Sales & Components

See our Shop to see our range of kits and components that can be used as part of practical sessions led by a teacher or our trainer to allow students to practice construction for themselves and learn engineering and scientific principal first-hand. Take the design challenge and work out how you’re going to build yours!

Workshops / CPD

We can put together workshops tailored to your needs to demonstrate the applicability of renewable energy and sustainability topics in achieving National Curriculum Science and Design & Technology outcomes at primary and secondary levels. Our senior trainer has had many years’ experience in this field and is appropriately qualified and SRB registered.

School/Home Energy Cost and Saving

No one like paying utility bills. Our website has information and advice to help you control your energy costs by limiting mains energy usage and tapping into the free energy sources provided by nature.

Sustainability & Climate Change

Reducing your energy requirement not only saves you money, it reduces your carbon footprint to limit climate change and conserve resources for future generations.

Inland Revenue Tax Benefits

The Inland Revenue allows a charity to receive tax repayments giving through the Self Assessment Return.

A scheme introduced by the Inland Revenue allows any individual to nominate a charity to receive their tax repayments as a donation. For the purposes of the scheme the Schools and Homes Energy Education Projects unique code is AAP70PG and will be listed on the Inland Revenue’s website. For more information on how to nominate The Schools and Homes Energy Education Project, please contact the Inland Revenue for an application form.