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Case Studies

Puffin, A Remote Controlled Solar Powered Boat

A remote controlled solar powered boat called PUFFIN.

Renewable Energy STEM Engineering in a South Yorkshire School

Video case study showing Solar Active Renewable Energy STEM Engineering in a South Yorkshire School

Low Cost Solar Flight

Stephen Winkworth's publisher friend Peter Usborne came up with the challenge to design a model plan

Engage Science Done Right Conference

David Garlovsky provided a session at the Science Done Right conference, from ENGAGE and science upd8.

Noordwijkerhout Teachers Conference 2019

Report of a workshop conducted by David Garlovsky and Sieberen Idzenga.

Holt House Infant School, Sheffield

Piloting energy and light surveys in schools to increase the awareness of energy use.


The Schools and Homes Energy Education Project, based at the Sheffield Science and Technology Parks, has secured a £50,000 grant through the Social Economical and Environmental Development (SEED) Programme and the New Opportunities Fund.

BBC TechnoGames Solar Challenge

Ecclesfield School, Sheffield: Winners of the BBC TechnoGames Solar Challenge.

Solar Detectives

Young people in South Yorkshire have been building solar model cars and boats as part of the EPSRC ‘Engineering a Better World’ (EBW) case study initiative since 2003.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

180 young people from South Yorkshire attended a two day ‘Hot Metal Cool Future’ careers event. A celebration of South Yorkshire metals, manufacturing and engineering sector.

Stenden University Solar Car Case Study

One of the important parts of the curriculum at Stenden University Leeuwarden, of the first year students is the investigation looking for educational possibilities in how to use the environment...

Madeley Solar Car Activity 2016

Ashley Green and David Garlovsky conducted a STEM solar car activity at Madeley Academy in Telford with 24 Yr 7 students.

Solar Boat Challenge Report

A look into the children's experiences from the boat race at Heron Way

Making Solar Cars: Student Reports

Reports from students from Wisewoood Secondary School, Sheffield who have been building solar model cars as part of their Design & Technology classes.

Hampshire Solar Challenge 2008

A downloadable report of the 2008 Hampshire Solar Energy Challenge.

Hampshire Solar Challenge 2006

The fifth annual Solar Challenge for Schools took place in 2006. Once again the Challenge was a successful and popular event, raising awareness of solar energy technology among pupils at Key Stage 2 level.

North East Solar Challenge 2005

Having heard about the success of the solar car competitions in Northampton and Kent in 2003 and 2004 the Energy Saving Trust North East Advice Centre decided to explore the possibility of holding a competition in the North East of England.

Kent Solar Challenge 2004

A downloadable report of the 2004 Kent Solar Challenge.

Northamptonshire Solar Car Challenge 2003

The Solar Car Challenge was to provide an enjoyable way for children to learn about sustainability and environmental issues. The challenge was targeted at the 8- 11 year olds.

Isle of Man Solar Sprint Race

The Miniature Solar car Competition held at Buchan School was a great success with 15 groups of children aged 8- 10 at the start line.

Our Experience


Solar Active has been working to develop unique STEM-based educational resources since 1993. Along the way we’ve created Solar Challenges, delivered renewable energy workshops in school and presented at nationwide conferences. We have experience in working with:

  • UK and Oversees Conferences
  • Schools and Community & Young Persons Groups
  • Local Councils, Boroughs & Authorities

If you want to know more about our experience or set up an event of your own, please do countact us to find out more.

“All the students were challenged to construct the most clever and fast car. A solar car race took place on the beach of Ameland. The students were very enthusiast about building their own solar-cars and about the race. In this way renewable energy is not only a chance for the future but already a part of the curriculum of Stenden University, sustainability today”


Simon Olbertijn, Stenden University Leeuwarden Teacher Training College

Solar Car Workshop

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