Tech for Teachers Award

The Solar/STEM solar car/boat was named a 4 star winner in this category. The STEM solar resource is used to teach engineering skills in application of design, maths, physics in an enjoyable way. It motivates and engages students to gain self-confidence and problem solving skills while building the solar car or boat. Students are given the opportunity to design components to modify positively to affect performance e.g. travel in a straight direction, over bumps and hills, and increase speed.

Tech for Teachers Award press release

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The Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene T. Gendlin.

After the successful sessions in 2017 on the Psychology and Philosophy of Eugene T. Gendlin, sessions are being organised by David Garlovsky, Certified Focusing Teacher, to teach skills of ‘listening’ and ‘focusing’. The sessions are open to anyone. We will focus on how to learn listening and focusing to positively attend to emotive feelings for use in personal and professional life such as, problem solving, creativity, teaching, new responses when one is in relation to another, decision making, creative writing and conflict resolution. We will begin with brief discussion about Gene’s basic notion that something that is vague, unclear and bodily felt can “open into a whole field of intricate detail”.

A brief report of the 2 hour session held at Sheffield Central Library on 15th March 2017 is available.

A workshop to learn the skills of Listening and Focusing was held on Wednesday 2nd May, 2018 at the Central Library Carpenter Room<. Facilitator: David Garlovsky, BSc, MSc, Certificate in Social Phenomenology. Certified Focusing Teacher of the Focusing Institute Workshop Poster

High Pressure Sodium and Blue-Rich LED Lighting

David Garlovsky’s paper: “High Pressure Sodium {HPS} and Blue-Rich LED security lights effects on trees and green city landscape: Human and wildlife circadian rhythms and health and well-being” was agreed for the CIBSE 2018 conference held at the South Bank University. David presented on 12th April 2018

Let There Be Darkness

David Garlovsky has delivered his presentation ‘LET THERE BE DARKNESS’: Blue-rich LED street lighting – effect on circadian rhythms, well-being, road safety and view of night sky at the International SEEDS Conference 2017: Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Healthy Environments, Buildings and Spaces: Current position and future models Leeds Beckett University, UK – 13th and 14th September 2017.

The paper can be found within The SEEDS Conference Proceedings 2017 published in E-Book form on 4th December with an ISBN number 978-0-9955690-2-7. The paper can be found on page 209 in the E-Book using this link.

Please sign a petition that has been created: “Halt Blue-Rich White Light Pollution”, asking the government to reinstate the All Parliamentary Lighting Group and to urgently create a National Light Policy which properly addresses the harmful effects of modern lighting technology on humans, wildlife, road safety and sky glow.

Light: A session exploring a spectrum of views on various lighting issues

David Garlovsky speaking at the Friends of the Earth event:
Friday 24 February 2017, 1.30 – 5pm, London, SW9 0HP

Community input to street lighting decisions – There has been a growing trend for urban and rural areas to change roadway security lighting knowing that the lights being installed are affecting the urban tree canopy that provides a home for an astonishing number of small insects, birds, animals, lichens, ferns and fungi; also affecting human and wildlife circadian rhythms, road safety and view of our night sky. How can local communities be more involved in deciding how streetscapes including trees and lighting are planned, managed and maintained?”

Making Changes in Your Decision Making

A brief report of the 2 hour session held at Sheffield Central Library on 15th March 2017.

Security Lighting presentation

David Garlovsky presented a poster on the effects of security lighting, e.g. new white LED security lights being installed across UK, that are detrimental to human and wildlife circadian rhythms, road safety as well as the view of our night sky at the Action and Woods Action days conference in October 2016.

RISE Award 2016

Design support by James Wigglesworth for Solar-Active received a RISE AWARD 2016 (Research-Innovation-Sustainablility-Enterprise) for the poster submitted in the Education and Training category: Up-skilling the UK workforce in Renewable Energy Technologies sponsored by Knauf Insulation. See the poster, key points and certificate.

Solar Car Races

Solar Car Races at a local school
Solar Car Races at a local school
Solar Car Races - Prize winner
Solar Car Races – Prize winner