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Solar Model Car Educational Kit E2

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Make your own solar-powered car.

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The kit includes: double solar cell, 2 axles, 4 wheels, 3-Speed motor/clip, body shell templates, assembly instructions and teacher support documents. Normally cars come with wheel set code 007/008 but you can specify the type of wheel set.


  • Transmission: 3-speed gearbox: changeable gear ratios 3:1, 9:1 & 27:1
  • Works in diffuse light condition, and in bright sunlight will climb a gradient or run over rough terrain.
  • Comprehensive illustrated Double cell car assembly guide.
  • double solar cell, front & rear wheels sets, axles, axle support and motor and motor clip

Side view

Car E2 underneath
Underneath view

Design Reg. No. 3019065, 13/10/2004