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Energy sources poster.

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  • Waves and tides – electrical power can be generated from the motion of waves or from water stored behind a tidal barage
  • Natural gas – mostly methane and the result of tiny animals and plants decaying under sand and mud
  • Oil – turned into many products and fuels such as petrol & diesel
  • Food – eaten by people & animals for energy
  • Hydroelectric power – water released from a dam forces a turbine to turn and generate electricity
  • Wind – for centuries used to power machines such as grinding stones, today used to generate electricity
  • Solar energy – panels can absorb the sun’s energy for heating water or air
  • Nuclear power – controlled atomic reactions release heat that can turn water into steam to power a turbine for electricity generation
  • Geothermal energy – heat from the earth’s core can be transfered to water and pumped above ground
  • Coal – formed millions of years ago when plant life was compressed under layers of mud

The price includes a Energy Resources Worksheet.

Poster first published in 1987 by UK Department of Energy – reproduced with permission of Department of Trade and Industry and Copyright Unit of HMSO.TJH-1999.


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