Single Solar Cell

£8.00 ex VAT

A single solar cell.


A new encapsulation process is now in production using water based protective conformal coating while maintaining performance and flexibility. The new method involves placing on the back of the cell, over the protective coating, a double sided yellow thin foam adhesive tape that adds a degree of rigidity to the flexible cell. The customer has the option to remove one of the protective layers of yellow tape and place on a more rigid backing.

Triple-Junction Cell Specification
  • 177 mm x 40 mm X 1 mm thick
  • Output 300 mA at 1.5 V (stable)
  • Flexible
  • Weight: 11g with pinch terminals
  • Waterproof, high power/weight ratio
  • Durable, 20+ year useful life
  • Responds to diffuse light (light scattered by cloud cover)
  • Pinch terminal connections allows for easy connection to devices
  • Performance and Characterisation
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Packaging Statement

The source of our tube packaging is from recycling the inner core of carpets and packaging cellophane. All components are in paper bags.


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