Single Solar Cell

£8.00 ex VAT

A single solar cell.


A new encapsulation process is now in production for the single cell only, using a water based protective conformal coating. The new method involves placing on the back of the cell, over the protective coating, a double sided yellow thin foam adhesive tape that adds a degree of rigidity to the flexible cell. The customer has the option to remove one of the protective layers of yellow tape and place on a more rigid backing.


Triple-Junction Cell Specification
  • 177 mm x 40 mm X 1 mm thick
  • output 300 mA at 1.5 V (stable)
  • flexible
  • weight: 11g with pinch terminals
  • waterproof, high power/weight ratio
  • durable, 20+ year useful life
  • responds to diffuse light (light scattered by cloud cover)
  • pinch terminal connections allows for easy connection to devices
  • Performance and Characterisation


Support Technical Documents
  • Specification sheet
  • PV Tech – How a Solar Cell is Manufactured
  • Teacher support documents


Assembly kits, activities & experiments
  • model solar car
  • solar cell testing
  • electric circuit investigations, parallel, series, voltage, current, resistance and electro magnetism
  • rechargeable battery maintenance
  • solar electric clock kit
  • solar powered buzzers, bulbs, motors & LEDs
  • propeller spinners, radio and mini-water pump
  • daylight investigations, movement & inclination of the sun, earth’s atmosphere and cloud cover

Find out about UNI-SOLAR® Technology



The source of our tube packaging is from recycling the inner core of carpets and packaging cellophane. All components are in paper bags.


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