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Single Solar Cell

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A single solar cell.

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The picture shows the front and the back of a single cell with pinch terminals and wire connections to cell terminals.

A new encapsulation process is now used for our solar cells. It uses a water based water proof protective conformal coating. The new process involves placing on the back of the cell, over the protective coating, a double sided thin foam adhesive tape that adds a degree of rigidity to the flexible cell. Clear PVC is attached to the adhesive tape.

Triple-Junction Cell Specification

  • 177 mm x 40 mm X 1 mm thick
  • output 300 mA at 1.5 V (stable)
  • flexible
  • weight: 11g with pinch terminals
  • waterproof, high power/weight ratio
  • durable, 20+ year useful life
  • responds to diffuse light (light scattered by cloud cover)
  • pinch terminal connections allows for easy connection to devices
  • Performance and Characterisation

Support Technical Documents

  • Specification sheet
  • PV Tech – How a Solar Cell is Manufactured
  • Teacher support documents

Assembly kits, activities & experiments

  • model solar car
  • solar cell testing
  • electric circuit investigations, parallel, series, voltage, current, resistance and electro magnetism
  • rechargeable battery maintenance
  • solar electric clock kit
  • solar powered buzzers, bulbs, motors & LEDs
  • propeller spinners, radio and mini-water pump
  • daylight investigations, movement & inclination of the sun, earth’s atmosphere and cloud cover

Find out about UNI-SOLAR® Technology

Electrical connections

Pinch terminals
Pinch terminals


STEP 1 Press the two wings of the silver ‘clothes peg’ like pinch terminal together and a hole will pop out on the right.

STEP 2 Insert the silver wire end STRAIGHT down into the hole.

STEP 3 Release the two wings and the wire will be gripped.

TO REMOVE THE WIRE press the two wings of the terminal together, SECURELY grip the motor wire end and GENTLY pull the end of the wire STRAIGHT up.