Criteria for a Car to Travel Straight

Criteria to consider for car to travel straight and fast,

Energy Savings Calculator

Interactive activity allowing one to estimate savings that could be made by changing the type of lam

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Optimise Your Model Car For Speed

Guide to maximise speed of solar car.

Propeller Spinner

How to connect a solar cell to a motor to demonstrate solar energy

Solar Boat Gear Box Assembly Guide

How to use the car gearbox motor for the solar boat

Solar Car Front Axle Support Guide

Construction guide for one option of the front axle support

Solar Car L-Shaped Support

Construction guide to build L-shaped supports for front assembly of the car.

Solar Car PC Cell Angle Adjustment

Construction guide for one option to change the angle of the PV cell in relation to receiving wave

Solar Cell Investigation

A work sheet explaining how students can measure a cell's maximum power, calculate the maximum...