Advancing with renewable energy

Article exploring the themes of infrared thermography, solar radiation and miniature turbine testing

Embedding Renewable Energy in the Curriculum

Article exploring how to embed renewable energy into the curriculum

Exploring the Properties of Solar Energy

Article explaining the properties of solar energy

Glossary of terms for working with solar powered cars

Glossary of Terms for Working with Model Solar Powered Cars

How a Solar Cell Works

Overview of how how sunlight is turned into energy that can power a car

How much light do we need?

Explanation of how much sunlight needed to for cars and boats to achieve optimal performance.

How the Solar Motor Works

Worksheet explaining structure of the motor and how it transfers electrical energy into mechanica...

Life Cycle Design of Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules

Publication investing energy payback time and electricity production efficiency of PV systems.

Low Carbon Projects

Article showing examples of low carbon projects in education

Resources for Renewable Energy Education

Information for teachers covering resources for education of renewable energy