Criteria for a Car to Travel Straight

Criteria to consider for car to travel straight and fast,

Double Cell Car Body Shell Construction Guide

Instructions to construct the body of solar car

Double Cell Car Assembly Guide

Instructions to build a double cell solar car

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Front Assembly PingPong Ball Option

Glossary of terms for working with solar powered cars

Glossary of Terms for Working with Model Solar Powered Cars

How much light do we need?

Explanation of how much sunlight needed to for cars and boats to achieve optimal performance.

How the Solar Motor Works

Worksheet explaining structure of the motor and how it transfers electrical energy into mechanica...

Making a Solar Car from a Tetra Pak Chassis

Instructions on turning a Tetra Pak into the chassis of a solar car.

Making a Solar Car Chassis from Tetra Pak

Construction for building the chassis of a solar car from a Tetra Pak

Motor and Gearbox Assembly Guide

Instructions to assemble different ratios of gear box