How much light do we need?

Explanation of how much sunlight needed to for cars and boats to achieve optimal performance.

How a Solar Cell Works

Overview of how how sunlight is turned into energy that can power a car

Life Cycle Design of Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules

Publication investing energy payback time and electricity production efficiency of PV systems.

Propeller Spinner

How to connect a solar cell to a motor to demonstrate solar energy

Solar Cell Investigation

A work sheet explaining how students can measure a cell's maximum power, calculate the maximum...

Solar Cell Testing

Instructions on how to measure cell efficiency and performance of a solar cell.

Sound and Light

Turning on light and sound using a solar cell.

Solar Cells

A detailed explanation of how a solar cell works.

Terminal Types – Gold Plugs

Instructions to fitting extension wires to a motor

Terminal Types – Pinch Terminals

Explanation of how pinch terminals work