How a Solar Cell Works

Overview of how how sunlight is turned into energy that can power a car

How much light do we need?

Explanation of how much sunlight needed to for cars and boats to achieve optimal performance.

Life Cycle Design of Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules

Publication investing energy payback time and electricity production efficiency of PV systems.

Propeller Spinner

How to connect a solar cell to a motor to demonstrate solar energy

Solar Cell Investigation

A work sheet explaining how students can measure a cell's maximum power, calculate the maximum...

Solar Cell Testing

Instructions on how to measure cell efficiency and performance of a solar cell.

Solar Cells

A detailed explanation of how a solar cell works.

Sound and Light

Turning on light and sound using a solar cell.

Terminal Types – Gold Plugs

Instructions to fitting extension wires to a motor

Terminal Types – Pinch Terminals

Explanation of how pinch terminals work