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Solar Powered Kits

We offer a range of assembly kits and parts to help you explore and learn about solar technology.


Full colour; originally available through the DoE

Publications, Multimedia

  • Photovoltaics on-line experiments
  • Light Action: Schools Light Survey Procedures and classroom worksheets + Sources of Light and Energy Y2/3 teachers notes and class worksheets .
  • Survey and Analysis Model(SAM™ ) Governor, teaching/non-teaching staff & student school survey training workshops: ICT(spreadsheets i.e.. ‘light calc’ & ‘heat loss calc’ & data logging), data collection, processing, representation & interpretation, low energy lamp usage, life cycle costs and disposal with resultant energy and cost saving plan.
  • The Environment in your Pocket – annual booklet published by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Key facts and figures on the environment of the UK. Available FREE of charge from DETR, telephone 0870 1226 236.
  • Life Cycle Design of Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules