The car kit is designed to use:

  • multiple gear configurations
  • front wheel alignment design allows for adjustment to sun’s position in the sky
  • variety of wheel choices
  • a body design created by the car builder

The car kit is linked to National Curriculum outcomes in science, mathematics, sustainable development, geography and Design & Technology and Maths.

It is possible to build a body for the car. We have designed a template for this. It allows anyone building the body to design their own ‘fun body’. It could be decorated either by hand using paint, felt tip pens etc. or one could use an appropriate computer drawing program found in most schools.

You can download the body templates from our website to personalise your car design.

2Q Double cell car Double cell car assembly guide
1Q Single cell car Single cell car assembly guide
Front car assembly Criteria for the car to travel straight

Front axle support guide

Angle adjustment

L-Shape construction guide

Handling data Handling data
Terminal types Terminal types

Fitting gold plugs to solar motors

Maths for solar engineers Maths for solar engineers
Wheels Wheels
Wheel catalogue Wheel catalogue
How much light do we need How much light do we need
Performance Optimise your model solar car for speed
Body shells Double cell bodyshell guide
Solar car design challenges Solar car design challenges
Gearbox Motor and 3-speed gearbox assembly guide
Glossary of terms Glossary of terms
Tetra pack Tetra Pak – Assembly Guide, Chassis
Tetra Pak – Assembly Guide