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A list of useful web addresses and other resources compiled by the Schools and Homes Energy Education Project in conjunction with Sheffield Business, Science and Technology Library.

Solar Electricity

The online information service of the British Photovoltaic Association.

Energy Saving Trust website giving details about grants for generating electricity from the sun. Also technical specifications for photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Company website of Storage Battery Systems Inc – power solutions for a changing world.

Solar Water Heating

Solar Thermal Demonstrator
Website of the Schools & Homes Energy Education Project.

Website of The Solar Energy Society. An organisation for those interested in the utilisation of the sun’s energy. List publications including Heating Water by the Sun. 2001.

Website of the Centre for Alternative Technology – Europe’s leading eco-centre. Gives information sheets on solar energy including solar water heating.


Chris Laughton – Tapping the Sun: a guide to Solar Water Heating

Kevin McCartney – Practical Solar Heating

Paul Trimby – Solar Water Heating: a DIY guide

Solar Projects

Major initiative to bring solar water heating systems to London homes.

Information on renewable energy grants.

Energy Saving Trust website.

National Energy Foundation – Green energy website.

Website for The Solar Energy Society.

Website of US Department of Energy’s Junior Solar Sprint (JSS) Program. A classroom-based, hands-on educational programme to construct model solar-powered cars and race them.

Energy Efficiency

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets.
Energy Saving Trust. Community Action for Energy.

Website of a Swedish group who give information on energy saving in buildings.

A community-built ‘free energy’ website focussing on alternative, clean, practical and renewal energy solutions.

Changing your Energy Supplier


Home-scale renewable energy and sustainable living solutions (USA).

Solar Energy. Published 18 times a year by Elsevier Science.


Solar Thermal Demonstrator

Schools and Home Energy project course. ‘Self-Help Solar Water Heating’ explains the background to solar water heating and to assist students in building a working model solar collector.

Centre for Alternative Technology. Lists courses with details of programmes, eg ‘Solar Electrical Systems’, ‘Solar Water Heating Systems’, ‘The Solar House’, ‘Solar Electrical Installation’.


Solar Energy International. Renewal Energy program teaches the practical use of solar, wind and water power.

Project to promote an energy conscious and educated society.

Links to a variety of education resources.

CREATE motivates and educates people to achieve more sustainable uses of energy. Products include Solar Science Set and Green Power Ed.

National Energy Foundation – Information Sheets for teachers and children who want to know more about alternative sources of energy including solar power.


Green Register of Construction Professionals. Nationwide network of construction professionals, trades people and supporting local authorities. Listed by regions.

Online Store of Energy and Environment Ltd. Environment friendly products for home and business including solar powered items.


Products to give you your own independent electricity source for work, home and leisure.