Assembly Guide to build a single cell solar car and downloadable templates to construct the body shell.

Single Cell Car – Assembly Guide

Body Shell Templates

Body kit download templates to construct single cell body shell

Single Cell Car – Body Shell Construction Guide

Contact us for top and base body shell templates and construction guide for use with the single cell solar car kit or if you have any problems in using Acrobat Reader or any of the files.

  • Follow body shell construction guide below when using the single cell
  • Please also use the guide even if you have purchased the single cell solar car kits prior to 2nd July 2016.
    • 1. Download and print single cell top template.
    • 2. Before cutting out the top template, enlarge and centre the back rectangular hole to 4 cm X 2.5 cm and enlarge the front hole to the same measurement.
    • You have the option to design the body shell top template before printing, after putting your design on the top template
    • Download and print base template
    • Download and follow the guides.
    • You may contact info@solar-active.com and we will send you the new top body shell template electronically.
Downloadable templates to construct a single cell solar car body shell & tandem solar model car kit body shell
Supporting Documents

  • Printing Instructions
  • Bodyshell Photoplus Guide
  • Plugging into the Sun Logo
  • Photoshop Guide
  • Tube Sleeve Template
  • Wheels

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