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Description Document
Electric motor Electric motor
Uni-solar technology Uni-solar technology
Teaching notes Teacher notes on solar energy

Maths for solar engineers

Handling data

The performance challenge

Energy resources worksheet

Energy in short supply Energy in short supply
Series and Parallel Understanding series and parallel electric circuits with solar cells, page 1 of 2
Understanding series and parallel electric circuits with solar cells, page 2 of 2
Solar cell testing Solar cell testing
How a solar cell works How a solar cell works
Solar cells Solar cells
How much light do we need How much light do we need
Investigation Solar cell investigation
The solar cell used in the car kit is unique:

  • flexible & tough (175 mm x 60 mm less than 1 mm thick)
  • light-weight, 18 g (high power/weight ratio)
  • output 330 mA, 1.2 V (tandem)1.5 V (triple) (stable)
  • durable, 20 year useful lifespan
  • responds to diffuse light (light scattered by cloud cover)
  • chassis of the car is the cell itself
  • technology used in cell is exactly the same as used in industrial and domestic PV applications
  • robust and can be handled with safety (unlike inferior cells encased in glass)
Photovoltaics Information Photovoltaics Information

Photovoltaics Information (Spanish)

Mini solar pump Mini solar pump assembly guide
“Propeller Spinner” Spinner
Sound and light Sound and light activity
Life Cycle Design of Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules Investigating energy payback time and electricity production efficiency of PV systems. A project summary (developed by US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory) that announces key findings of the research.

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