Pilkington Hot Box

Hot Box

‘Feel the difference’

This interactive device from Pilkington Ltd. allows you to feel heat transfer through different panes of single and double-glazing. Learn about U-value (the measure of heat transfer through a material or building element) and heat loss.

Hot House

Hot House

Encourage your students to investigate concepts of heat transfer through the education resource we have developed called the HOT HOUSE. It is designed for conducting practical enquiries in thermal and acoustic science.

We provide worksheets, ‘eco’ insulation materials and a HOT HOUSE template to conduct a scientific enquiry with e.g. Y9 class into what is the best type of thermal or acoustic insulation. The students construct our model house using the house template provided to trace round so that it is spatially correct. External wall designs for the HOT HOUSE are provided or students can design their own. The students can compare and record heat loss of Inno-Therm®, bubble wrap, cotton wool, shredded paper, or other eco insulation materials provided; and can use a data logger to record the temperature of the houses to see which lost the least heat. We are also experimenting with an acoustic device to see which insulation absorbs the most sound.

Constructing and filling with eco insulation our HOT HOUSE can be used by pupils transferring between KS2 and KS3 and encompasses National Curriculum learning objectives in STEM subjects. It encompasses ideas and concepts about the importance of energy saving and the low energy and carbon emission of eco insulation products.

The HOT HOUSE resource has been trial tested with encouraging results at Ecclesfield School and Riverside Primary School, Tadcaster.

Hot House template

Hot House is a bespoken science based resource.

View video to see what your students will do based around physics and thermal transfers heat insulation and acoustic enquiry at KS3 and KS4 (KS4 activity to be related to the current required practicals).