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Hands-On Workshops for Teachers, Home Educators, Home Schooling, Parents and Young People


We offer a range of hands on primary and secondary professional development workshops for educators. Our workshops are based on using our Solar STEM resources with a focus on sustainable issues and gaining key employability skills. Workshops are for up to 30 participants held in a school or community venue for a full day, ½ day or twilight session @ £300-£600 exclusive of travel. In response to Covid-19 we are also offering zoom training and activity sessions for teachers, students, young people groups, parents and home educators. Please enquire about these bespoke sessions. The facilitator is a trained teacher and fully DBS checked.


Online Sessions and Workshops in Solar STEM

On-line sessions and workshops in solar STEM.
Home Schooling

Home educators and Home schooling

Help for home educators.

Solar Water Heating Workshop

Build a fully functioning portable rig demonstrating solar water heating...

Transition Workshop

When students are moving from Primary to Secondary school in KS3/Y6.  Use car and boat activities...

Taster Workshop

Taster or full workshop sessions in solar car and boat available

Tree Education Workshop

Participants will gain an understanding of how trees are critical to our health and well being...

Renewable Energy Demonstrations

Build a portable PV/battery recharger and karaoke music unit and other working demonstartions...
Solar Clock Recharging Unit

Solar Electricity Workshop

Assemble a solar recharge clock for your school/home...

Cost and Energy Saving Workshop

The HOT HOUSE workshop is designed for conducting practical enquiries in both thermal and...

Wind Turbine Assembly Workshop

Build a wind turbine and explore the concepts of renewable energy with your students.

Solar Boat Challenge

Build a double or two-single solar cell boat. Design the hull from 500mm recycled drink bottles...

Solar Car Challenge

Build single or double cell car, which has four options for front assembly and six options for...

Ready to book a workshop?


Our workshop and demonstration unit programme is flexible with all services
available for booking either individually or grouped together as part of an
experience tailored to your needs. Contact us to find out more.

Other training workshops and zoom sessions

Solar-Active also organises and conducts workshops and now zoom sessions for teachers, those in training, parents, home educators, young people groups, individuals and others. Option to join individuals, schools or groups. The focus of these sessions is on demonstrating the applicability of renewable energy and sustainability in achieving National Curriculum STEM outcomes at primary and secondary levels. Contact us for information and to register.

Solar Water Heating Workshop

Build a fully functioning solar water heating demonstration unit.

Renewable Energy Demonstrations

Build a portable PV/battery recharge and karaoke music unit to recharge a mobile phone and build other working demonstrations.

Solar Electricity Workshop

Assemble a solar recharge clock for your school/home

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