Energy Saving in Schools

Piloting energy and light surveys in schools to increase the awareness of energy use. This project involves all sectors of the school community from pupils to governors. The Schools & Homes Energy Project has already helped several schools reduce energy costs.

Try our interactive energy calculator to find how much energy & money you could save just by changing the type of electric lamp you use.

Case Study: Holt House Infant School, Sheffield.

Year 1 and 2 children, working with the Schools & Homes Energy Project helped to reduce their school’s energy bill by £600. They carried out energy and light surveys which were specially designed to tie in with National Curriculum activities.

The results of the survey procedures were presented to the Head teacher, Building Supervisor and governors who agreed to monitor electricity consumption in a classroom fitted with 23W, low energy lamps and another classroom with the same number of ordinary, 150/200W filament lamps. Based on the results of this exercise an estimated saving of £530 per year was predicted.

Payback for the replacement of the ordinary filament light bulbs, with the energy efficiency type was calculated as 181 school year days. The school and the Schools & Homes Energy Project bought 24 bulbs and thanks to Osram Ltd 30 low energy lamps were supplied free, so Holt House school has already realised their predicted savings. Their work was the focus of Channel 4’s “Schools at Work” television programme.

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