Annual Solar Boats at Heron Way

This is the boat that came in first place!!! We had an excellent time in the race. I came second place but I should have come first because my boats solar engine stopped, the boat spun around and the engine started so it went the wrong way. I can’t express how everyone has helped my team and me to form this boat. In my team there were 4 people, manager, resources, graphics and mechanic. I will be trying to persuade my mum to buy me a solar powered car kit.
From Sam and Ben

We enjoyed making our boats though it was hard work! I think that it would be a much better planet if we did something to stop global warming. Many people take energy for granted and we do not think that we are conjuring up global warming. Solar energy is something that doesn’t cost a penny. We can use it every day though it only works in sunlight.

The boat in the lane on the left came second, the one in the middle won one and the one on the right (our one) came last. We did not win any races because our propeller kept on falling off. Do you know how to fix this problem?

We had a lady come and tell us about global warming and that we are really close to it becoming a problem around the world. When people say certain things about a subject it really makes you think. What gave you the inspiration to encourage other people to use solar power? We all enjoyed the project.

From Hannah

Your boats worked very well when the sun was out or if it wasn’t. Over the whole the boats were very good and we had lots of fun :). Some way you could improve it is by telling us how to make the boats go straight.

Our boats have been very successful thanks to your design. Lewis’s boat had 2 1Q panels but we still managed to work it out. Jack’s boat was very good except the v card broke. Please next time can you make the v card out of something stronger. Try and make your instructions smaller next time.

The sun wasn’t out very much so we had a few problems but we still feel 🙂 (happy) about your design and give it a thumbs up.

From Jack and Lewis

This week, year 5 has been finding out about & working on solar power.

We had a LOT of fun so I will thank you & your website for giving us all such a fantasic time!!!!!!!!!!!

Our winner was BELJ 1.

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