Sheffield/South Yorkshire Focusing Group

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We meet at the Sheffield Central Library. The group is open to anyone interested in Focusing and it is not necessary to attend each session. Prior confirmation is essential for there is limited capacity for the space we use. Yet, I intend to find a space to accommodate to group size. Activity worksheets are provided and links to resources through the Focusing Institute. There is no fee when the meeting is held at the Library.

Listening and Focusing skills can give people the means to delve in and discover for themselves what action they could take to access work-life balance, decision making, problem solving, creativity, self-assessment, teacher support, assessment of students, parent meetings, inspections and conflict resolution. Gene’s notion will be applied that when something is unclear and bodily felt, to allow it to open into intricate detail for meaning to arise for the basis of responses when in relation to another.

The skills are essential for therapeutic change and a method for humanising political change. To enable one to positively and freshly attend to one’s emotive feelings to apply in everyday situations with friends, family and in one’s professional life to improve their life and the world we live in.

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