Miniature Solar Water Pump

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Our miniature pump for use with solar-powered water pump projects.

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£5.99 ex VAT
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Price is exclusive of solar cell.

Available as a submersible or semi-submersible type.

This is pump has a magnetic drive and a curve-blade impeller. The motor is isolated from water inside the pump. The semi-submersible pump can be converted into a submersible pump.

The pump can be used like a multi-meter. Simply place a ruler behind the vertical piece of tubing and record height of water in relation to intensity of light on solar cell. The water height will vary light intensity i.e. volts and amps output of the cell. Of course, it would be ideal to have a way to measure light intensity.

You could use an artificial light source – but would need to hold bulb close (careful!) to the solar cell collection area. Opportunity to link to a data collection computer unit or device.

Technical Data
  • Working voltage: 1.5-3V DC and water head max. up to 5cm. (at 3V supply water head max. 10cm.)
  • Temperature range: +1 to 100 degrees Centigrade
  • Max. flow 13 litres/hour at 3V power supply

Includes: electric motor with gold plugs, clear tubing, assembly instructions and access to technology and education notes on this website.

Price is exclusive of water container and Solar-Active 2Q/double PV cell. Pump needs a suitable power source e.g. double solar cell & glue.

Water Pump Assembly Guide

Packaging Statement

The source of our tube packaging is from recycling the inner core of carpets and packaging cellophane. All components are in paper bags.

Additional information

Pump Type

Submersible, Semi-submersible

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