Renewable Energy Sources Poster

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Renewable energy sources poster.


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  • Active solar energy – solar collectors absorb and transform the sun’s energy into thermal energy
  • Passive solar energy – buildings can be designed to absorb the sun’s energy
  • Photovoltaic cells – PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy
  • Geothermal energy – heat from the earth’s core
  • Solar power
  • Waves – buoys floating in the sea can convert the energy of motion of waves into electrical energy
  • Wind – turbines turn the wind’s energy into electrical energy
  • Tides – as the tide rises and falls water turns a turbine and generates electricity
  • Biomass – plants retain the sun’s energy producing biomass through photosynthesis

The price includes an Energy Resources Worksheet.

Poster first published in 1987 by UK Department of Energy – reproduced with permission of Department of Trade and Industry and Copyright Unit of HMSO.TJH-1999.

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