Solar Clock Recharging Unit

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A single solar cell.



Double solar cell, clock mechanism, AA battery and wire, control board unit and ohms law interactive. See the leaflet for more details.

Design and Principles of Operation

The solar clock uses a standard clock mechanism, a photovoltaic solar cell and a rechargeable AA battery. The cell provides enough electricity both to run the clock during daylight, and to recharge the AA battery to run the clock during the hours of darkness. The clock can run continuously provided that you keep enough charge in rechargeable AA battery. The solar clock kit can be used with any standard 1.5V clock movement.

Kit Components

  • Design and Principles of Operation Instructions
  • Curricular Activities Worksheet
  • Tagged rechargeable AA battery
  • 2-core wire leads of up to 5 metres
  • Double solar cell
  • Fixing for solar cell to window
  • Current monitor & charge limiter control board
  • Clock circuit drawing

Optional Components

  • Standard clock movement and hands.
  • Clock face and template, e.g. can be made from a CD.
  • Digital multi-meter.

Solar Clock Activity Options

  • Solar Clock Kit
  • Design clock circuit, housing and face.
  • Determine optimum location of solar cell and clock.
  • Measure charging current to battery using current
  • monitor & charge limiter.*

*This activity requires the use of a Multi-Meter (not included) and introduces the basic concepts of using a multi-meter and using Ohm’s Law to determine charging current.

Packaging Statement

The source of our tube packaging is from recycling the inner core of carpets and packaging cellophane. All components are in paper bags.

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