Solar Single Cell Car

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Components and instructions to build a single cell solar car.

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  • Single solar cell + terminal wires with silver ‘clothes peg’ like wings to connect to car motor or battery holder
  • Front and back axles
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • Gear box with changeable gear ratios: 27:1, 9:1, 3:1 gear cogs [ In 27:1 gear ratio, the car will climb gradients and run over rough surfaces]
  • Clip for gear box
  • Front wheel support
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions.


A list of other resources to help build the car.

Source of Solar Car Components

Recycled mobile phone sim and credit cards are used for constructing the front and rear assembly components

The manufacture of amorphous silicon cells is very different from that of crystalline cells. The silicon is deposited as a thin film on a substrate, usually either stainless steel or a glass sheet covered with a layer of tin oxide acting as a transparent contact. The process used for depositing amorphous silicon lends itself well to mass production techniques.

The solar-active cell is a spectrum-splitting cell, constructed of three separate p-i-n type, amorphous semiconductor solar sub-cells, each with a different spectral response characteristic. In this way, the cell can convert the different visible and near infrared wavelengths of sunlight with optimal efficiency.

Packaging Statement

The source of our tube packaging is from recycling the inner core of carpets and packaging cellophane. All components are in paper bags.

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