The HOT HOUSE workshop is designed for conducting practical enquiries in both thermal and acoustic science. Construct a model house from a card template that incorporates instruction to focus students on thinking about their own process of enquiry. KS3 science activity is designed to help the development of enquiry skills through exploring aspects of knowledge in thermal insulation in physics.


  • Teacher Notes – curriculum linked and equipment needed e.g. way of monitory temperature i.e. normal or electronic thermometer.
  • Data logging set-up – to insert temperature probe into hot water beaker within the house to monitor temperature.
  • Template and Worksheet to record data and consider results
  • Materials for HOT HOUSE investigations downloadable

Download the template

Hot House Template Hot house is a bespoke science based resource.

See the workshop in action

View video to see what your students will do based around physics and thermal transfers heat insulation and acoustic enquiry at KS3 and KS4 (KS4 activity to be related to the current required practicals).

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    Available as a half or full day workshop. Price is exclusive of travel.

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