A series of articles covering renewable energy and its relevance to the curriculum. An invaluable resource for students and teachers of science and technology.

  • The construction and operation of flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors:
    Solar Collectors
  • We are entering the golden age of renewable energy. Growing concern about climate change, pollution and resource depletion has pushed the large-scale use of renewable energy sources high up the political agenda.
    Resources for RE Education
  • This article describes practical activities that reveal the spectral composition of solar radiation and the thermal properties of surfaces and coatings developed for solar heating and ‘sky cooling’ applications. Such activities help to clarify the radiative energy flows in the environment and how they can be exploited to reduce fossil fuel consumption for heating and air conditioning.
    Properties of Solar Energy
  • This article describes renewable energy projects, and summarises new developments and educational resources. This theme is highly relevant to both emergency preparedness and averting climate change.
    Low Carbon Projects lo-res
  • Renewable energy and energy conservation have key roles to play in humanity’s efforts to tackle the pressing global challenges of climate change, pollution and resource depletion. As a theme, renewable energy is an excellent way to teach STEM subjects and stimulate cross-curricular project work.
    Embedding renewable energy
  • Topics covered in this article include infrared thermography, solar radiation instrumentation and miniature turbine testing.
    Advancing with Renewable Energy